But wishes don’t work, darlin’

The things she craved most couldn’t be bought they were beyond material value

The things she treasured most weren’t your diamonds but the memories you left behind

What she longed for these days was not superficial socializing but your company alone

What she desired now was not mindless banter but the quiet haven in your arms


Besides she never did like diamonds neither parties

And lately, all she wishes for is you.


They told him he could be anything he wished to be, if only he truly believed. But he had neither the will nor the desire now. He wanted to do nothing, to be nothing. After being unseen all his life, he was finally content being invisible.


I’m not alright

But I am still alive and breathing

I am still pretending and smiling

And someday, I just may begin to believe in this fake smile like others do

And maybe someday, I just might convince myself that I am happy without you.


He’s like a mirage –

You believe you see him in the distance

But when you get closer, you realize he was merely an illusion

Just a figment of your imagination

“Don’t worry” she said.

In the darkening room, she sat

Her silhouette framed by the candlelight

Gazing down into your eyes, she laughed warmly

“Don’t you worry, I am not going to fall in love with you” she said.


In that moment, it hit her

And the laugh died on her lips


She already was madly in love.