Used to giving my all

I poured my heart into you too

And I continued to give

Until I had nothing left anymore

And as you left me bleeding and drained

You wondered why I was so Empty


I met you when I was tired – it made me very clumsy

And I let you slip right through my fingers

I watched as you fell and crashed to the floor

I had no energy to hold any tighter


I met you when I was drained-it made me very reckless

And I hurt myself easily and often

I made the wrong choices

I destroyed myself


And I would have apologized,

But I was only exhausted.

So Close Yet So Far Away

My mind touches you, like my fingers cant

My words stir you, when my smile cant

My voice comforts you, because my embrace cant


And in the dead of the night, when we lay alone in bed

With the miles stretched in between, I can’t help but wish


- wish you were here


I yearn to reach out and touch you instead of the emptiness

I long to smile into your warm loving eyes and not at a cold screen

I crave to feel your arms envelop me; I have spent too long without you


I want you.

I miss you.

I need you.

I Love You.