You spun poetry

Weaving your words like a shimmering web around him

Entangling him

Entrancing him

So much so that he is smiling even as he is ensnared in your trap

Giving up his freedom just to be with you

– And just as he blindly gives you his all, you leave.

But it is too late now

She walked towards the darker side after you walked away – people would judge, people wouldn’t understand.

She lost the girl who had come to you – with an open heart and dreams in her eyes.

But she was out on a mission – out to destroy the girl who could be hurt, the girl who was vulnerable and empathetic

To hurt that girl to the point that she would be cold, indifferent, heartless.

Two years later, at times when she sits in the loneliness, surrounded by the cold walls of her room

Her mind abuzz with a million thoughts

Unaware of the world – uncaring and broken

With her smile long gone and the spark in her eyes too


She really misses the girl she once was.

Why do they call it heart “break”?

It does not feel like a break

Why, you don’t even hear the shatter!

It feels more like someone is ripping into your chest

grabbing your heart and squeezing it until

it can beat no more.

Until the very thought of having to go on hurts

And there is no shatter

No bits and pieces

Just an empty shell

That is you

Laying in the debris

Of what once was.

-It is more like a slow death of the soul – a suffocation of the self within the body, a beginning of the ending of trust, of dreams, of hopes.